The National Hockey League (NHL) may be the fourth among major professional sports but this has not stopped more people wanting to know more about the game and get involved. The NHL is played on an ice surface where players skate while pushing a puck (hockey ball) towards the opponents goal. The team that manages to score the most goals during a match wins that particular game.

Many sports-books nowadays have started posting lines on NHL betting and betters who make some efforts to place bets on NHL handicaps are often rewarded because of the lack of public knowledge about betting on the sport. Another reason may be the fact that odd makers usually spend less time creating NHL odds making it not popular as other sports such as football and basketball. Also hockey betters will often find fewer markets on NHL betting as compared to other sports showing that sports books are reluctant to accept hockey bets.

Betting On NHL

Money Line

The money line is the most common market in NHL Betting whereby the bettor is required to predict the winner at the end of the match and most sports-books use the 20 cents line which is the difference between the odds of the favorite and those of the underdogs. Money lines odds in NHL betting would typically look like this:

Ottawa Senators +110

Florida Panthers -130

In this case Ottawa bettors are asked to stake $100 and win $110, while those betting for Florida are asked to place $130 and win $100. Odds for games with a large favorite may look like this:

New York Rangers +250

Toronto -300

You will note that the large difference in the odd cuts across the board among all sports hence this does not mean that hockey bettors are at a disadvantage. Money line is the most commonly available market in NHL betting.